A Revolution in Natural Gas Renewability


Clean power from natural gas, without combustion.






Natural gas flows through high-pressure pipelines around the globe, enabling access to a cheap, productive resource that fuels modern society.


The pressure at which gas flows far exceeds usable levels for consumers, businesses, and power producers. Regulating stations are installed to reduce pressure to usable levels.


Regulating stations are inefficient. While they reduce pressure for the end use effectively, they waste a considerable amount of energy in the process.

Our Solution

Anax Power repurposes this excess pressure to generate gigawatts of clean, cost-effective, renewable energy across the globe.

400 kW Anax-Star Turboexpander

The ASTE harnesses wasted energy in natural gas regulating stations to generate clean electricity. This venture represents the first step we’ve taken on our mission of reducing the use of fossil fuels, by doing more with less.
An innovative, efficient addition to existing infrastructure, the ASTE provides utilities, energy-intensive manufacturers, independent power producers, universities, and many other organizations with the opportunity to profit from this groundbreaking technology.

GTI Tested

In 2017, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) tested that the Anax-Star Turboexpander was both high-performing and safe to operate.

Safe & Easy Integration

The ASTE easily integrates with your existing safety infrastructure, enabling a seamless bypass in the unlikely case of a fault.

No Carbon Emissions

Converting excess pressure in our natural gas infrastructure to electricity is clean and efficient with the ASTE. No combustion, no emissions.

Excellent ROI

No fuel cost. Minimal manufacturing, engineering, and installation costs. Did we mention it will run smoothly for over a quarter century?

Zero Downtime

Generates clean energy around the clock, 24/7. It’s not reliant on external variables (i.e. wind speed, sunlight) to operate efficiently.