Dr. Adrian Alford

Dr. Adrian Alford

Head Turbine Engineer

About Dr. Alford

In his role as Head Turbine Engineer, Dr. Adrian Alford leads all turbine, impellor, and power electronic design work. Since 2002, he has invented, patented and led the development of innovative turbomachinery around waste heat utilization, small-scale LNG, and liquid air energy storage (LAES).

In addition to his work with Anax Power, Dr. Alford is the founder and Chief Technologist of Innovatium, an energy technology design firm based in the UK. Before starting Innovatium, Dr. Alford was the Chief Technologist at TPG/Corac where he led the design of all turboexpander projects, including those for waste energy recovery and refrigeration.

Dr. Alford holds a B. Eng in Environmental Engineering and PhD in Turbomachinery from Cardiff University.