Dr. Boris Frolov

Dr. Boris Frolov

Head Turboexpander Designer

About Dr. Frolov

In his role as Head Turboexpander Designer, Dr. Frolov oversees all components of the Anax Turboexpander Project. Dr. Frolov oversees all of SoftInWay’s turbomachinery consulting activities. He has over 35 years experience in steam/gas turbines design, analysis and testing. Earning his PhD in optimization with controlled reaction, he is an expert in steam turbines long buckets aeromechanics. Prior to SoftInWay, he was engineering Manager in GE Steam Turbines.

Dr. Frolov’s experience includes:

  • Steam Turbine design and operations, aero/thermodynamic turbines performance evaluation with 1D, 2D aero codes and 3D CFD. Design, analysis and testing support for last stages buckets.
  • Responsible for development of LP turbine for General Electric  D10-33.5 steam turbine for Combined Cycle Power Plant. This is a Reheat, Double Flow turbine to operate in 207FA and 209FA STAG cycle with 7FA and 9FA GE gas turbines.
  • Lecturer in steam turbines, gas dynamics and thermodynamics for students studying power engineering sciences.
  • Turbine components and aerodynamic testing. Design, preparation & fulfillment of aerodynamic tests of turbine blade cascade, model & full-scale turbines, compressors and turbochargers & pumps.
  • Analysis of aerodynamic test results and performance evaluation proposals for redesign for efficiency improvement.
  • Over 50 publications and 7 registered patents.