Dr. Leonid Moroz

Dr. Leonid Moroz

Engineering Consultant

About Dr. Moroz

As an engineering consultant, Dr. Moroz oversees SoftInWay’s engineering contributions to the 475kW Anax Turboexpander. He is the founder of SoftInWay Group, and has extensive experience in the turbomachinery field. Upon graduation from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) in 1982, Dr. Moroz held various positions at NPO TURBOATOM prior to founding SoftInWay to design, analyze and optimize axial and radial turbines, pumps and compressors.

Dr. Moroz’s extensive experience includes:

  • Design of flow path for gas turbines with power ranges up to 35MW and above.
  • Analysis of transient operating conditions (start-ups, shut-downs and etc.) and low-cycle fatigue of the most thermally stressed high temperature components of steam turbines for fossil (220MW, 300MW) and nuclear  (500 MW, 750MW and 1000MW) power plants.
  • Special thermal field testing of 750 MW and 1000MW steam turbine HP and LP cylinders.
  • Conceptual optimized design of gas/steam axial turbines for a wide range of power outputs.
  • Design of last stage blades for LP steam turbines up to 1030 mm/ 3000 rpm.